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BERNICE BURESH is a journalist, international lecturer, and co-author of the award-winning public communication book for nurses,  From Silence to Voice: What Nurses Know and Must Communicate to the Public. In her popular keynote presentations and workshops, she shows how nurses can take advantage of everyday opportunities to communicate with the public about their important work and increase support for nursing. <<More>>

To get the resources and respect they need, nurses must advocate for themselves and their profession, not just for their patients. From Silence to Voice, provides nurses with the communication tools they need to explain the breadth and complexity of nursing work.
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Bernice will come and talk with your group about how nurses can achieve the Respect, Recognition, Reward, and Resources they so richly deserve and need to continue their indispensable work. 



""The book is written by two journalists who have taken on the nursing profession more or less the way we take on patients with a life-threatening condition that is curable but requires both intensive and long-term care. The diagnosis, according to Buresh and Gordon, is silence. By being silent, we miss the opportunity to show ourselves as consequential in the delivery of healthcare. The remedy for silence, according to the authors, is voice―our voices raised in conversation first and foremost with our families, friends, and patients, and also with the general public."―Nursing Spectrum 


A big thank you to the National Association of School Nurses for recognizing From Silence to Voice with its 2018 Media Journalist Award. According to NASN President Nina Fekaris, "The purpose of this award is to recognize writers who effectively give audiences a greater awareness and understanding of the importance and value of school nursing."

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